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List of Professional Services 

At P&G, we pride ourselves in satisfying each individual customer. Our family first approach allows us to deliver top quality services. If you have a renovation project in mind, need an upgrade or simply want a change, we can help!



Our stairs are custom made for every customer, ensuring quality and satisfaction every time! 


The stairs are fabricated, customized and stained in our workshop so there is NO smell in your house from the stain.  We can match any floor or railing color.


Staircase can be used before, during and immediatly after instalation. There is no "off-limits" time for the stairs when being installed.  


No staircase is too big or too small. We will ensure yours stairs looks perfect after our installation job is complete! Just take a look at the pictures. 


We offer a wide variety of Canadian-made hardwood and laminate floors that customers can purchase directly through us! We only use Canadian-Made to ensure quality and reliability in every box. 


If you have bought your own material and just need a floor installation, we can also help! We offers installation services even if the material was purchased from another company. 


The floor materials need to be delivered prior to installation to allow material to climatize to the environment. 



New railings can be a quick update to an old stair case, or a part of a major home renovation project. Whatever the case may be, we can provide updated railings to compliment your home.


Railing services can be done individually or provided with a stair/floor installation. Railings, like the floors, can be purchased through us or provided by you and installed by us.  


Please take a look through our gallery to view more railing types!

Other Services


P&G Flooring also provides high quiality services when it comes to crown mouldings, baseboards, trims and other wood finishes adding that perfect finish to any project. To see more pictures, click here. 

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